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martes, junio 24, 2008

A Call For A General Strike on 9/11/08

This morning I was inspired by this Docudharma essay by dharmasyd. It explains the need for a General Strike and calls for a General Strike on 9/11/08. I support this. And I urge you to support it too.

What to do?
In order to get involved, here are the five best steps to take now:
1) Sign up with your email address at the URL in order to get updates,;
2) Mark the day on your calendar and plan to be at a protest in your community;
3) Send this URL to all your friends, post it to forums, put it on your personal pages, There will be zero mainstream media discussion of this General Strike before it happens. So, we must be our own media and promote it. Link to this site from sites and blogs. Mention it with links in your comments on blogs;
4) Join the Consumer Fast already underway. Click Shut'EmDown at the URL
5) Take the lead and help organize a protest on 9/11.
There are, of course, no prescribed rules. And no spokespersons. This is definitely DIY. That means you can do what you want (I hope non violently). Mark the date. Go ahead and do something. Simple.

I don't have time right now to engage in a philosophical discussion about why this is an essential idea. I don't have time to convince you if you're not already convinced. Maybe later. For right now, I urge us all to proceed in accord with what the Wisdomkeepers of the America's call "serpent consciousness." Just do what we have to do to advance this idea, to tell others about it, to spread around the Internet and the media, moving without obsessive thinking or analysis. Just do it.

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Anonymous Anónimo said...

Done and Done! Thank you for posting this. It is good to see that someone else is calling for a general strike.

4:45 a.m.  

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