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lunes, junio 15, 2009

Activism: How Do We Support The Iranian People's Protests?

I've been riveted all day to the news coming via Twitter about Iran.

I seem to recall an election in the US in which there was a similar dispute about who had won. I don't recall millions going into the streets. I don't recall the "defeated" candidate calling on people to bring on non-violent, silent protests and mass gatherings. I wish that had happened in the US. But, sadly, it didn't. And look what the next 8 years brought. The Iranian people unlike the US seem to understand the significance and the consequences of a stolen election. And they appear to want to do something about it.

So it appears that Iran has at this moment a time of both intense risk and enormous opportunity.

As I type this, hundreds of thousands of people are in the streets across Iran because they know that their election was stolen, that their votes were not counted, that the election was a sham, that their democracy has failed them. They are angry, and they want a restoration of their democracy. And they are going to demand a fair election and a fair counting of the votes.

How do we in the US support the Iranian People's Protests?

I turn to you for the answers, for the tactics, for the approach. The Iranian People's Protests deserve our support. Let's put our heads together.

Here are two small examples of what we're looking for. Twitter users are being urged to change their location to Tehran and their time zone to GMT +3 to give protection, however slight, to those in Iran who are reporting the news who are being followed by the authorities. A second example: Twitter was scheduled for maintenance this evening. That would have shut off the Iranian news tweets. Twitter re-scheduled its maintenance.

And now I ask again: what can we do to help?

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