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lunes, marzo 15, 2010

I Want These Prayers!.

The ABA (that's the American Bar Association) Journal brightens my day with this item:

The Christian law firm Liberty Counsel is selling “Adopt a Liberal” playing cards designed to harness the power of prayer to restore “poor leaders to right thinking.”

For $20, liberal detractors can buy the playing cards, featuring 51 liberals and an “unknown” liberal card that can represent their liberal of choice, the Washington Post reports. The cards come with instructions that say: "We encourage you to seek the Lord's guidance on how to pray for your liberal(s), always allowing God to temper your prayer with his love and mercy."

A press release on the playing cards features a trademark designation after the “Adopt a Liberal” name.

I am respectfully soliciting designation as the "'unknown' liberal" in everyone's deck. Obviously I'm not famous enough (yet) to have my own card. According to the WaPo, those who are famous enough to be on the cards include Barbara Boxer, DiFi, Ahnold, Pelosi, Oprah, Hillary, and Michael Bloomberg. Also, Al Gore (surprise!), Arianna, Bill Maher. And Arlan Spector. Sadly, I'm just not that famous, but, and this is a very, very important but, I am far, far more liberal than most all of those listed.

Here's how to order.

Place your hands upon that keyboard and send those prayers my way. I will appreciate them. I promise.

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