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jueves, junio 10, 2010

Good News: Hudson, NY, is NOT Itawamba County, Miss

At last, a different meme and a small victory in the culture wars.

Today's Hudson, New York Register Star has the counterpoint to the horrendous Itawamba County, Mississippi, prom stories. It seems that two gay friends have been elected prom king and queen by the student body at Hudson High School. I'm applauding.

Join me in Columbia County, New York.

The Register Star reports:
The Hudson High School prom made history this past Saturday when openly gay best friends were named prom king and queen.

Seniors Charlie Ferrusi and Timmy Howard won their respective crown and tiara by a landslide Saturday and said the support they received from their peers and school administration has been fun and humbling.

“It’s a really big step for Hudson but also for the gay community in general,” Howard said Wednesday. “To have this happen in our city is pretty exciting.”

Ferrusi said he and Howard started thinking about running about a month ago. While there were some students who were in opposition to their idea many more approved and the boys decided to go for it.

By prom night the overwhelming majority of students cast their votes in the open ballot race. They won by such a wide margin the school didn’t crown any runners up.

Earlier this afternoon, the Superintendent of Schools and the High School Principal gave a press conference (sorry no reportage yet) in which they supported the boys' election and said that was all there was to it. It remains to be seen how the School Board might respond.

I'm really proud of the Hudson High School students and staff. This is so much a better story than one tinged in homophobia and hatred. Join me in applauding.

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The Hudson High Press Conference can be seen here.

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