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sábado, marzo 12, 2011

Wisconsin: It Is Not Over Until It's Over

And it won't be over then, either.

Today's demonstration via MSNBC:

Thousands of pro-labor protesters are circling the Capitol in Wisconsin with dozens more inside.

While Gov. Scott Walker has already signed a contentious collective bargaining bill into law, demonstrators insist the fight is not over.

For some, the focus has shifted from trying to stop passage of the bill to generating momentum for recall efforts against Republicans. Others are simply venting their frustration over the law taking away most of public workers' collective bargaining rights.

Well, not quite. How about this, if I can edit this last paragraph so it reflects events, rather than MSNBC's "analysis." Yes, the recall is important. Yes, some are frustrated. But, and this is the big but, this is the start of a movement. It's the start of a movement to resuscitate labor unions, to build a strong alliance among middle class citizens, and to oppose the concentration of political and economic power sought by the Oligarchy and their Teapublican supporters.

So of course, the demonstrations aren't over. They're not going to be over at any time soon. This is the beginning and not the end of a movement.

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