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miércoles, julio 06, 2011

The Sky Over Bahia Soliman

This evening, just before dusk, there was a rainbow. I had been waiting for a rainbow for several days. It's been raining while the sun was shining. Often. But until this evening, no rainbow. This one was worth the wait. This is the sky to the North of Nah Yaxche, from the beach in Bahia Soliman.

But the rainbow wasn't the only thing worth looking at this evening. This is the horizon to the east over Bahia Soliman, a different part of the sky. This photo was taken with minutes of the first. What remarkable clouds, and what incredible light.

I have a good digital camera, but lately I haven't been using it much. Instead, I find myself taking photos with a cellphone, a Blackberry Bold. That's what I used to take these photos. It's much quicker. And I seem to be able to find it when I want it. Typically, I post most of my photos to a Facebook album, Tulum Summer 2011, which you are welcome to visit. But every so often, like right now, what I see is so remarkable to me that I post it here. So you, too, will see it, Facebook or not.


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