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jueves, julio 07, 2011

This Evening's Caress

Sometimes, Bahia Soliman has the sweetest, most gentle rains. This evening was one of them. The clouds fill the sky and spray everything with mist, and they kiss the bay with their soft, puffy lips. And they hug and caress the trees and plants. And in their delight at nourishing all the varied life here, they shed zillions of the tiniest tears of joy.

Their embrace is so gentle that the birds continue to sing. And children continue to laugh and play. The lizards scamper across the deck. Turtles wonder whether tonight is the night to lay their eggs. Everything is gently wrapped in damp, thin, soft cotton. It’s only some of the adults who take cover. But from what? From Mama-kocha’s wet lips? Oh please don’t. Please stand out on the beach with me with your arms spread wide, and look up, look up at the sky, and feel how all the clouds are so very gently cuddling us against their puffy breasts and hugging us against them.

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