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viernes, agosto 05, 2011

BREAKING: This Week At The Dream Antilles

Washington- President Obama today announced sweeping changes in US economic policy that would guarantee full employment by the end of 2012 and resolution of the nation’s deficit. The Executive Order, issued while Congress was on summer vacation, was an enormous surprise even though it was apparent that the move had been planned for months. The extensive, 450 page Executive Order primarily addresses employment and taxation.

Following the announcement, the President’s Press Secretary Jay Carney was overheard to say, “We’re not going to allow Republicans to continue act like two-year olds who have not mastered toilet training. We are not going to let them turn America into an open air septic tank. This is how we have had to do that.”

The stock market responded to the announcement by recording its largest single hourly advances in history.

Your Bloguero could continue to tell the story. He could tell you how the President had authorized billions and billions of dollars to be spent immediately on infrastructure, including rail systems and wind power, to stimulate employment. And how he had required banks immediately to refinance mortgages and to forgive student loan debts. And your Bloguero could tell you how the President had exercised his emergency powers to restore the income tax rate on America’s wealthiest people to 1955 levels and had reversed decade's old cuts to food stamps and welfare benefits, and how he had increased and extended unemployment benefits. And how he had closed Guantanamo and recalled all of the troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and guaranteed their employment in a peacetime economy. He could describe for you how the President had thumped his podium and said,

“This is a national emergency in our economy, and I am exercising my executive powers to preserve our Nation. I am not going to stand idly by. I am enacting these policies now because the nation can no longer bare its pain, and it can no longer depend on this dysfunctional Congress to save the economy from depredation. To the contrary, Congress’s actions have thrust the nation into this crisis, and they refuse contumaciously to reverse themselves. No. The buck stops here. We've had enough political theatre and enough posturing. I have acted to end a national emergency. And I assure you, these aggressive steps will end it. Enough talk. Let's get to work.”

Alas. Tell me lies. Your Bloguero cannot bare the truth.

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