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domingo, diciembre 11, 2011

Tulum, the Pueblo, not the Novella

(Click on this screen shot to make it big).

An amazing discovery. Want to see what my beloved Tulum looked like 2 or 3 years ago? Every single storefront on the Main Ginza? And some of the side streets behind the Main Street? To my surprise, if you go to GoogleMaps and plug in "Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico," you will come upon a map of the Pueblo. And if you then use "street view" -- the icon of the yellow person-- you can stroll up and down the streets simply by dragging the icon to the yellow street you want to views. So simple. What you will see is Tulum as it was about 3 years ago. Stores that are no longer there are in the pictures; the old Fruteria is there with it's pineapples (it is now a vacant lot).

You'll also be surprised by how many of the side streets you can wander with "street view." Incredible.

I know it's freezing winter outside in many Gringo places, including the one where I am at this moment, but you can leave that briefly behind and stroll the older Tulum on your computer. It's a sentimental walk through a town on the brink of huge global change. Do check it out.

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