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jueves, agosto 11, 2005

Chatham (NY) Courier Article

The August 11, 2005, Chatham Courier has an article about The Dream Antilles on page A2. Because the Courier is not on line (can you believe that?) here is a brief excerpt. If you're in Columbia County the Courier is only 50 cents and it has a nice picture of me with the article.

Defense attorney tries his hand at writing fiction
by Taitia Shelow
SPENCERTOWN -- Lawyer David Seth Michaels is known around Columbia County for his prowess in the courtroom as a defense attorney.
For 30 years he's been a defense attorney, 20 of them as a Spencertown resident after he and his family moved here from New York City. His work has been out there for all to see recently in such high-profile cases as the Henry Gropp murder trial, where he represented Chris Anderson, convicted of burglary; and the case of Robert Conn, a man accused of kidnapping and raping a woman along the highway in Claverack. * * *
These days Michaels is putting forth another, more philosophical side of himself for the public to see. His self-published paperback book "The Dream Antilles" came off the presses last month, and is being sold on, iUniverse, Barnes and Noble and can be ordered at local bookstores. * * *
His first foray into fiction had been floating around in his head for a long time. Many years ago he planned to take a one-year sabbatical when his wifewould support the family so he could write. His wife was agreeable to the proposal, Michaels said, but he couldn't disengage himself from his work.
Finally, about 7 years ago when vacationing on Cape Cod, Michaels looked at the box of work he had brought along to tackle and decided he flet like writing his fiction instead. He typed about 20 pages on his computer. "I didn't know how much of that ws even usable," he said.
Once the ice was broken, Michaels kept working on his novel piece by piece. Though he didn't write at a specific interval or time, he got into a kind of routine where he would write chapters in his head and carry them around until he had time on the weekends to "download" the information, so to speak. * * *

There's more, but this is enough for now.