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lunes, junio 05, 2006

Federico Garcia Lorca's Birthday

From today's The Writer's Almanac:
It's the birthday of the poet Federico García Lorca, (books by this author), born in Granada, Spain (1898). In 1928 he published a book of poems based on gypsy folklore called The Gypsy Ballads. It made him Spain's most popular living poet. His poems appealed both to the literary critics and the common people, and many of them were set to music. García Lorca once heard a prostitute singing a song in the street, and he was shocked to realize that he had written the lyrics she was singing. In 1998, on the hundredth anniversary of his birth, the Spanish government flew a helicopter over García Lorca's home city of Granada and dropped 100,000 leaflets of his poetry.

Keillor doesn't remind us that Lorca was assassinated in August, 1936 near Granada by Nationalists. And that nobody knows where his body lays. But you remember.


Blogger ClaudiaR said...

Now this is weird. On Saturday, I was heavily engaged in writing about Renata, the flamenco-dancing nun, and I Googled flamenco and nuns and came up with a review of a play called "El Muro," ("The Wall"), which is billed as "A tale of a nun who dreams of sensuous love."

Well, so, "El Muro" was based on Federico Garcia Lorca's poem "The Gypsy Nun," and I was frantically looking around the web for a copy. Odd how things come circling around. Does anyone have a copy of "The Gypsy Nun?" I am going to the University library tomorrow to look for one, and will post it at my site asap.

Thanks for this info, David. I missed the writer's almanac this a.m.

1:28 p.m.  
Blogger magdella said...

Never in my dreams, could I imagine this country sending poetry through the sky and clouds a field.
Ferderico Garcia Lorca came this morning on a wisp of air that could only contain fragments of a remembrance so full of love. Poetry in the air.

8:47 p.m.  

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