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sábado, diciembre 09, 2006

Today's Ride

It is early morning. As he does every morning, Bardo sits on the floor mat wrapped in a purple striped Mexican blanket to meditate. The meditation is simple. First he prays for all beings to be happy, to be free from suffering, to have equanimity, and to attain spiritual bliss. Then he focuses on his breath. When his thoughts take him away from the breath, he gently returns to the breath. --The Dream Antilles

Sometimes there is more thinking than at others. Sometimes thoughts knock persistently demanding to enter and then jam their foot in the door. Sometimes there are thoughts that dress in burdock and stick to everything. Others are like agrimony burrs, small, sharp, adhesive, irritating. And sometimes it's just a roller coaster. Sometimes the thoughts are simply tweaked out, and there's shallow rapid breathing and darting eyes and the hands won't stay put. Inhale and exhale deeply. Remain seated. Continue to breathe. Return to the breath. At times like this, impermanence seems an ally, but every minute has 80 full seconds.

It's said that when one wants to bring an elephant through the market place, it's best to have the elephant carry a log in its trunk. That way, it will be focused on holding onto something and not take food or knock over stalls. The elephant of the mind, it is said, may need a mantram or a visualization to stay on course and avoid mischief. Great. But I'm distracted. I wonder, what about a bull in a china shop? What then? Remain seated. Continue to breathe. Return to the breath.