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domingo, agosto 19, 2007

An Offering To Chac And Kukulkan

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Chac is the ancient Maya god of rain and lightning. He is usually depicted with a serpentine axe (lightning) in his hand. His body is scaled and reptilian. He is worshipped at sacred wells and cenotes. He is in charge of life giving rain needed for agriculture. At the dawn of time Chac split apart a sacred stone with his axe, from which sprung the first ear of maize. When he is not in the clouds, he is near falling waters.

The Temple of Kukulkan, Tulum

Kukulkan is the feathered serpent and represents both the Earth's wish to ascend to the sky and sky's descending to Earth. Through Kukulkan chaos becomes order. Kukulkan represents the merging of opposites. The Kukulkan temple in the photo is 10 minutes from my house and is directly in the path of the storm.

As I post this, the map of Hurricane Dean seems to have announced its scheduled arrival through the front doors of my house in Quintana Roo some time on Tuesday. We have already taken whatever precautions we can to preserve property and people. Those who can leave are leaving. The government has evacuated nearby areas, including Isla Holbox. This is what the computer models are saying:

This is not a picture I like to contemplate.

Quintana Roo and the island of Cozumel off the coast are originally Mayan, though there are now many resorts and gringos in the area. Many people will choose not to leave, and others will not be able leave for the interior. Those of us who are now out of the area, as I am, will not return until after the storm has passed. Others will leave on last minute flights or will drive into the interior toward the west.

And so right now a petition, a propitiatory prayer seems especially in order, an offering to Chac, who controls the rain, and Kukulkan, who creates order from chaos, for the safety of all people in Quintana Roo, and especially all of those in Bahia Soliman and Tulum and Playa del Carmen:

May Chac and Kukulkan exercise restraint. May all be safe. May all find shelter. May destruction be averted. May peace prevail. May the rains be moderate. May the wind be temperate. May divine tranquility be preserved. Let it be so!

A Special HT to MM for the suggestion.

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