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sábado, diciembre 08, 2007

Solidarity With The WGA

The Writers' Guild of America (WGA) is still on strike. And the news is pretty bad. The AMPTP has broken off negotiations. This means that the strike is likely to be prolonged. And it means that more pressure has to be brought on the media moguls for the writers to prevail in their struggle.

It's difficult to know how to support our striking brother and sister writers. There are little things we can do. These include posting a badge on our blogs like the one to the right of this story. Or writing to management to complain. Or making a small donation by buying pencils for moguls.

What's the strike about? There's a great video:

And, of course, if you post on the large, political blogs in Left Blogistan, it's a good idea to try to rally support. Here are my efforts at dailyKos and docuDharma, my favorite. If you have other favorites, you might want to try to talk this up.

Solidarity with the WGA!

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