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martes, febrero 19, 2008

Fidel Resigns

A Havana billboard (AP Photo)

The text in English of Fidel's message today. It, of course, is long and rambling. How could anyone expect anything else after all of this time?

Fidel has been a genius at survival. He's weathered everything from the Bay of Pigs invasion, exploding cigars, fly overs by former Battista stooges, the bloqueo, the end of the Soviet Union. And he's done it 90 miles from the US. He's provided excellent health care and universal education. Unlike the US, he's managed to prevent Hurricane disasters. He's managed to form alliances throughout the hemisphere and world despite US attempts to destabilize and depose him by making ordinary Cubans suffer. And, most important, he's left Cuba's direction to the Cubans.

Has he been perfect? No. Has he committed human rights violations? Yes. But he's due enormous credit for maintaining his Revolution for 50 years and his unwavering insistence on autonomy for Cuba. I only wish more US citizens could appreciate exactly what he's done for Cuba. And the extent of US efforts to thwart him.

Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

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