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lunes, marzo 24, 2008

Why I'm Finally Endorsing Obama (With A Minor Reservation)

OK. I've been inspired. And I thought the speech about race in America was the best political speech by a candidate I had ever heard. But today Obama secured my endorsement, albeit it with a minor reseveration.

I see that Obama has taken 3 days to hang out in the Caribe, specifically in St. Thomas. There 's even a 50 second video of him doing just that (turn off the audio). I like that he's taken time off for a few days and headed for the Caribe to hang out and relax.

But I have a minor reservation about this. To get my unequivocal endorsement without any reservation of any kind, Mr. O has to lose the cell phones, both of them, he has to lose the shirt, he has to lose the watch, he has to get out of the shade and into the sun lit sea. That's right. He has to sit down in chest deep turquoise water and float on his back and show me that he knows how to stop, stop everything, stop every single thing. Stop the campaign, stop thinking, stop planning, stop working, stop everything except breathing and relaxing and dreaming. Those are the only 3 activities I want to see. Everything else has to be on stop or on indefinite hold.

As soon as I see that he knows how to do that-- do not email to tell me you think he can do it, I don't want opinions, I want evidence-- I will know that I have found the perfect candidate and I will give my unreserved endorsement.

What the United States truly needs as a leader is somebody who knows how to take care of him/herself.

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