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viernes, julio 04, 2008

Mets Yet Again Threaten To Be A .500 Team

Carlos Delgado

Well, here we are again. July 4. And the Mets are one game below .500. Tonight they begin a series against the Division Leading Phillies. They are now 4.5 games behind the Phillies in the lackluster Eastern Divison. This is an important series for the Metropolitans.

Doing well in the series might close the gap and lift them just slightly over .500. And doing as they've been doing, playing hapless, inept, miserable, frustrating baseball, will go a long way to eliminating them from any playoff possibilities. Worst case scenario: the Mets could easily leave the series 7.5 games out, 5 games below .500. That would make the Phillies 10 games over .500, more than enough to reduce the Metsies to rubble and eliminate them from contention for anything. Could this Mets team make up 7.5 games in the remaining half of the season? Playing as they've been playing? Don't be ridiculous. Of course not.

And Carlos Delgado, who seems to be a predictor of how the Mets will do? Batting .273 in the past 10 games with 9 hits in the past 10 games. Saying that he's turned it around is like saying that the Iraq War has turned around. Wishful thinking.

Can I stand to watch this series? I'll try. But as soon as the Mets show me that they're not up to the task, I'm taking clicking the remote.