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martes, septiembre 09, 2008


Carlos Delgado

You know it's true. And, by the way, he's got 1o runs batted in, in the last 10 games. And 9runs, and 11 hits. And is batting in those games .297. This called "hot." Very hot.

But for Carlos to be the MVP, the Metsies have to make the playoffs, and they have to win in the playoffs. That's much easier said than done, as last year demonstrated too thoroughly. They are, after the 9/9/08 game with the Natcionalistas, 2.5 games ahead of the Philately Philanthropists.

To win the division and make the playoffs (there's no other way to do that because Milwaukee leads the wild card race by a significant amount), the bullpen and the starting pitchers need to do what they didn't do tonight: turn off the other team's batting. Why is every call to the bullpen with this team a call to warm up the defibrillator? Goodness, the Metsies' pitching allowed the Nacionalistas, a team that has been mathematically eliminated from the pennant race, to score 8 runs on 12 hits tonight. They have to do much, much better in the remaining 18 regular season games, which, of course, include the final games at Shea Stadium.

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