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domingo, febrero 08, 2009

Mr. Magoo

After months of complaints by various family members that I couldn't see properly when I was driving, and that I couldn't read road signs, I finally went to visit local optometrist Dr. Jeffrey Varney, who gave me a new prescription for contact lenses and glasses. That, confirming that I couldn't see adequately, of course, unleashed comparisons between me and Mr. Magoo. You'll recall that the joke in Mr. Magoo, in fact the only joke, is that he can't see.

Yesterday, I went for a walk. I thought that a rock lying on the snow was an fallen, old, large wasps' nest. Nobody ever asked Mr. Magoo to go see Dr. Varney or to get glasses. Why, you might ask, not? I have no idea.

Here's the joke (in a 48 year old version):

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