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domingo, febrero 22, 2009

Petite Petit

Michael David Petite Petit 2006

While perusing the stock at Chatham Wine and Liquor, my favorite wine store, in Chatham, New York, I came across a bottle with my name all over it. I don't mean metaphorically. I mean it was on the label, on the cork, the wrapper around the neck, on the top. OK. So my name was backwards. Big deal. Neverthless, Michael David Petite Petit 2006 is just wonderful. A quick review:
Petite Sirah was originally known as Durif, named after Dr. Fran├žois Durif who first crossed French Syrah and Peloursin in 1880. Acreage of this misunderstood grape has been on a roller coaster ever since, but is on an upswing once again.

Michael David Lodi Petite Petit 2006 is the perfect wine for the election season. Circus elephants grace the label, and a couple of glasses will make you believe Sarah Palin has foreign policy experience.

Like elephants whose size is imposing, Petite Petit is large. But also like the elephant, the personality is sweet, and the only risk posed is that of being stepped on. Michael-David's signature "smokehouse" aromas waft past the very ample aromas of ripe plummy fruit. On the tongue, the fruit is sweet, and the texture is smooth.

Petite Petit gets its name from the fact that a minor (15%) portion of Petit Verdot is blended in. All the fruit is sourced from Lodi, and the aging is 14 months in French oak.

In fact, it appears that there are lots of wines with my name on them. And a really loud video of the bottling of 2007 Petite Petit.


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