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lunes, abril 06, 2009

The Goal Of The Year

Saturday, in Wolfsburg's blow out victory over Bayern Munich, Grafite scored what has to be the best goal of this year. Watch:

Reuters UK reports the raves about this goal:
German media have already decided that Grafite’s brilliant 77th-minute solo goal in Wolfsburg’s 5-1 win over Bayern Munich on Saturday is the goal of the year.

He somehow managed to elude five Bayern players before scoring with a cheeky backheel.

It may seem a bit early to be choosing the “Tor des Jahres” with nine months left in 2009 but even the normally reserved public TV broadcast “Das Aktuelle Sportstudio” proclaimed it “the most spectacular goal in Bundesliga history”.

The electrifying goal has featured in German newscasts all weekend.

The goal was Grafite's second in the match.

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