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martes, mayo 19, 2009

Step Right Up And Beat The Mets

Last night's game with the Dodgers was simply horrible. Even the New York Times noted how awful it was:
The Mets arrived at Dodger Stadium in first place in the National League East. They left, after a 3-2 loss to the Manny Ramirez-less Dodgers in 11 innings, leaving Manuel wondering if he was managing a team sponsored by Chico’s Bail Bonds. The carnage included a season-high five errors — including two in the 11th, which led to the Dodgers’ winning run — one decisive base-running blunder by Ryan Church and countless slack jaws, head shakes and dumbfounded looks in a solemn clubhouse.

“I’ve never seen anything like that,” Carlos Beltran said.

And neither had anyone else. To be fair, Manuel said he had seen his former charges, the Chicago White Sox, commit five errors, not that he was boasting of that achievement or anything. But no, he had never seen a player completely miss tagging third base on his way home like Church did in the top of the 11th. That gaffe canceled what would have been the go-ahead run, ended the inning and breathed life into the Dodgers. Not that, on this night, they needed any extra help. The five errors were the Mets’ most since they committed six on Sept. 16, 2007, against Philadelphia.
There's more. A whole lot more. But let's leave it at that. The Mets are now playing as if this were September, when they have their now perennial, expected meltdown caused by inability to hit and missed opportunities and errors. To be sure, having Delgado and Reyes out isn't helping, but when you bring in a guy from Buffalo, that's right AAA Buffalo, 45 minutes before his first start and he then commits two errors, you're in trouble. Real trouble. Big trouble.

The only saving grace is that the game was on the west coast and started at 10:10 pm ET, so virtually nobody, including me, had to watch this fiasco.

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