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miércoles, diciembre 02, 2009

Victory: Bank Of America Releases The Funds

Join me in a brief celebration. And please accept my gratitude for helping me find my way through this problem.

You might recall my recommended diary on Monday in which I complained about how Bank of America had frozen a $4,000 deposit until December 7 at 5 pm and that it was money my son needed for a trip. I asked in the comments for suggestions from Kossacks about how to get the money released.

Join me in the champagne room.

Well, sure enough, ElRay suggested that I send a group email to B of A executives explaining my problem and asking them please to fix it. Right now. I did that. I sent the email to more than a dozen executives. It was courteous and explained my problem and stated what I wanted done.

Long story short, I got a call from a B of A executive on Tuesday morning. I was surprised. He said he'd look into it and see whether they could release the funds, which they would do when the check reached the bank where it was written. He wasn't sure how long that might take.

And today, much to my amazement, the same B of A executive called my son to say that the hold was lifted, all of the money was available to my son right then. No hold. No waiting. Released.

In other words, whether B of A's holding the funds was or was not legal, they caved in and released the funds. My son's leaving on a trip with his money. We don't have to wait until December 7 at 5 pm to get it. Case closed. Money in hand. Hooray.

I applaud all of you for your help and suggestions.

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