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martes, septiembre 28, 2010

Brandon Rhode, RIP

The report:

Brandon Rhode, 31 the Georgia State prisoner who tried to kill himself on the day of his execution by cutting his arms and neck was executed on Monday night with a high security level. Rhonde's was convicted of Killing Steven Moss, 37 a trucking company owner, His daughter Kristin, 15 and his 11 year old son Bryan during a burglary of their home in Jones County.

Rhode's was executed at the State Prison in Jackson, Georgia. He was pronounced dead at 10:16 pm According to authorites Rode's declined any last words and gave a no when asked if he wanted a final prayer. Daniel Lucus, his partner in crime also sits on death row and was sentenced in a different trial. The execution of Rhode was scheduled for 7:00 pm but was pushed back waiting for the Supreme Court to make a decision on his plea for stay of execution. The United Supreme Court rejected his appeal later that night. Rhode was previously set to be executed on September 21. It took the mixture injected into his veins 14 minutes to kill him.

When we look back on this barbarianism, we'll wonder what kind of fixed, insane delusion we had that permitted this kind of state killing.

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