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viernes, octubre 22, 2010

That Tropical Storm Thing: Richard

Goodness gracious. Yet again. Richard, the storm, not the deformed Shakespearian King, appears to have decided to run over Belize on its way to making a mess of the interior of Quintana Roo and Chiapas and Guatemala. I am relieved that it has decided not to try to come in the east facing door of my house in Bahia Soliman, just north of Tulum. Here's what it looks like (in an analytical, clean sort of way):

In an more earthly, less sanitary way, it looks like a gigantic mess. Tons of rain, lots of wind that makes rain feel like darts on your face. Deep mud. Things that are not tied down, flying around. Things that are tied down breaking and then flying around. Flying around things crashing into each other and stationary things, flying around things getting trapped in corners or against other things. Deep water. No electricity. A sound like a freight train. And so on. Sounds like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

And then the storm will have passed by. A relief. The sky will be blue. The sea will be turquoise. The birds will sing. It will be a beautiful, tropical, lovely day. Except that there's a big mess to be cleaned up.

Let's hope that all that's needed is clean up and that nobody gets hurt.

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