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domingo, enero 02, 2011


Oddly apt for 2011. How did I get here is a really good question. It's not a question frequently asked by ostriches. Or emus. But enough of the ornithological digression.

Welcome to The Dream Antilles for 2011. This is the 900th post on this blog.

We could try to improve things here this year. We might fix the broken links on the right margin, or the parts over there that won't light up any more. We might even make it easier for non-Spanish speakers to leave comments. But who are we kidding? It's not likely. What's more probable is that our many idiosyncrasies will continue. And become more pronounced. I guess if you're reading this you probably expect that. That's what will have to pass for charm in 2011.

May you have a wonderful 2011, one in which all of your dreams come true.

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