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jueves, enero 27, 2011

Winter: The Sloth

Yes, sloths. A perfect winter archetype. About their name:

The sloth's taxonomic suborder is Folivora, while some call it Phyllophaga. Both names mean "leaf-eaters"; derived from Latin and Greek respectively. Names for the animals used by tribes in Ecuador include Ritto, Rit and Ridette, mostly forms of the word "sleep", "eat" and "dirty" from Tagaeri tribe of Huaorani. In Brazil, sloths are commonly called "Bicho-preguiça" ("lazy animal") because of slow movements related to their very low metabolism.

So that's your winter archetype: sleep, eat, don't bathe, move very, very slowly. Deliberate very, very deeply before moving a single muscle. Don't move at all if possible to do so. Be lazy. Be slow. Be still. Wait with exceeding patience, if not resignation for Spring.

Goodness, even the seeds lying in the earth aren't stirring with all that snow lying thick on the ground over them.

The part of you that faces the fire is warm; the part that is away is freezing. Turn around very, very slowly, as if you were cooking like shawarma.

Don't just do something. Focus on doing absolutely nothing, the bare minimum to sustain life until the Equinox.

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