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lunes, abril 25, 2011

A Dangerous Idea

Not long ago, I wrote about my desire to be a human cannonball:

I'd rather be a rocket than a launching pad. I'd rather be a hammer than a nail. I'd rather be a human cannonball. That would be best. That would be unbelievably exciting. That would be the way to live. No safety nets. No crash helmets. Blasted through the air. But first before the launch, there's some important research. Research, as Mr. Toad once said, is my life.

Today that exaltation, all that giddiness was deflated. I found a corresponding sobriety about the topic. I was saddened to learn of a human cannonball fatality in England. MSNBC reports from AP:

British police say a man has died
after a safety net gave way during a human
cannonball performance at a "daredevil" stunt
show in southern England.

Police in Kent said Monday the show was
canceled after the 23-year-old died.

They said they believe the death was caused
by the safety net "failing to engage," but did not
provide further details.

The article didn't give the young man's name, apparently because he had not yet been formally identified by kin. All of the scheduled daredevil shows have now been canceled.

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