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viernes, mayo 13, 2011

Visualizing That Tightrope

Here's a piece of weekend entertainment.

Hard to explain, but Philippe Petit has been in my thoughts. His declared occupation: high-wire artist. Mostly, I've been riveted by this image, thinking about and imagining this:

That is a still photo. That's the World Trade Center ahead. There's another tower behind him. The building is 104 stories tall. And that's a high wire Philippe is traversing connecting the tops of the buildings. I love this because I am occasionally immobilized by a fear of heights. That is obviously not Philippe's problem. Nor is cowardice.

That was a while ago. Back in 1974. But when I think of this, it's a moving picture, not a still. And here's the oddest thing about this. It has a soundtrack as he walks the wire across the inside of my mind. It's not a 1974 soundtrack. It's not Rufus singing, Tell Me Somethin Good. No. Hardly.

The soundtrack is Janelle Monae. The song is Tightrope. I'd love to put the embed right here--> <--so you could see it, but it's been disabled (I have no idea why anybody does that). Anyway. Please, please, por favor haz clic, please click the link, turn up the sound and watch what has to be the most insane dance routine. Ever. In fact, play it a few times. Loud. Watch very closely.

Now you're ready. Ready for the visualizing part. The good part.
The part where you do the work. Imagine Philippe Petit crossing the wire between the world trade towers to Janelle Monae's music. Oh is that ever good.

A creative mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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