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viernes, julio 15, 2011

Where We Have Gone Astray

Today, we have the last official warnings before the dreaded onslaught of "Carmageddon". MSNBC reports the road closing in Los Angeles as if it were an impending visit from Rodan:

The City of Angels is on edge as the hours tick off until "Carmageddon" — the shutdown of a 10-mile stretch of one of the busiest highways in the United States, on one of the city's busiest summer weekends.

Will it bring traffic to a standstill like a scene out of a summer disaster movie? Or fail to come to pass, like other apocalypse predictions?

Everyone will find out soon enough as authorities prepare to close Interstate 405 for 53 hours beginning Friday night.

Cue the scary music. Cue the voiceover. "Will it bring traffic to a standstill? Will the city be destroyed? Will this be the end of the world... It's Carmageddon!"

Meanwhile, we've come a long way from simple roads, like the potholed road between Highway 307 and Bahia Soliman. And maybe it's that we've gone completely astray:

Is it too much to ask that people not drive, that they stay at home, relax and barbecue? I guess.

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