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jueves, agosto 04, 2011

Air Goes Of Out Stock Market

Evidently, investors do not think much of the "debt ceiling compromise," or its affects on global markets. So we have a the NY Times talking about fears of a "double dip recession," and even more joblessness. Gloom and helplessness prevail. A 500+ point drop in DJIA. The worst drop since fabled 2008. And just wait till tomorrow. Nice job, Brownie Congress.

The answer, the step that might turn around the economy might be found in stimulus. In spending money. But as I said before, how can you stimulate anything when you won't spend any new money AND when you insist on cutting spending that is already inadequate to fuel the recovery. Does anybody here understand macroeconomics at all? Doubtful.

Hey, Congress, how are all those jobs created by tax cuts working out for you? Calling what Congress has done "voodoo economics" understates the stupidity. How about "economic suicide?

Congress is on vacation. At least they won't be able to enact other measures to plunge the economy further into darkness until they get back. Thank heavens for small favors.

What idiots. I hope they enjoy their summer vacations.

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