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domingo, agosto 28, 2011

An Uninvited House Guest

Seems Ms. Irene is coming to lunch at 2 pm. And she's bringing her entourage: rain, wind, flooding, darkness. I didn't invite her. I don't have the usual Sunday brunch ingredients. Long story short, I don't know how to prevent the visit. Or accommodate it. Or at least make it as brief as possible.

The 2 pm dot on the map is where I am. So I know she's definitely coming, and that she's not calling ahead. Did I say that she and her entourage aren't invited?

So far, she has brought lots of rain and not much wind. Everything was saturated before she started to arrive. And of course, the Punsit Creek is flooding. It will probably get much higher in the next few hours. And, of course, it's expected that the wind will pick up around noon.

So I wait for an arrival that will fill the house with wet umbrellas, drenched slickers that smell of violets, and those cruel smiles unwelcome visitors sometimes feel obliged to display.

9 am, Sunday photo