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viernes, agosto 12, 2011

You Cannot Make This Stuff Up

The other day, Mitt Romney, presidential hopeful and the candidate with the nicest clothing (male division), said in New Hampshire that corporations were people. This generated howls of outrage.

The New York Times reports that's Mitt's story and he's sticking to it:

Mitt Romney says his recent comment in Iowa that "corporations are people" was not a mistake.

Speaking to reporters after a New Hampshire reception Friday night, the former Massachusetts governor said it was astonishing that President Barack Obama doesn't feel the same way.

Romney repeated several times that "businesses are people." He asked whether Democrats believed they were perhaps little men from Mars.

The comments came at Romney's first public appearance since Thursday's Iowa debate. Earlier that day, he first made the comment about corporations to a heckler at a state fair.

Amazing. I suppose Mitt is opposed to corporations marrying each other. Does he understand that "business" does not mean the same thing as "corporation?"

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