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lunes, septiembre 26, 2011

About That Disaster Aid....

I'm not following the ins and outs of the disaster aid package. What I read is this:

Friday morning's events promise to push the partisan war into the weekend and could increase the chances that the government's main disaster aid account at the Federal Emergency Management Agency might run dry early next week.

Additionally, unless Congress acts by midnight next Friday, much of the government will shut down. More immediate is the threat that the government's main disaster aid account will run out of money early next week.

And this is what a road looked like in Greene County, New York, following the two hurricanes:

I spare you to photogravure. The one with all of the flooded houses and the piles of debris and the people sitting around stunned and wondering what to do.

I'm not following the debate battle over the disaster aid package. I don't care about the politics at all. I do care that this road and all of the others like it need to be repaired. And people need federal help in rebuilding their homes and businesses. Is it too much to ask of Congress that they work out the details and help?

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