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miércoles, septiembre 07, 2011

Flooding. Again.

Didn't we just do this? Didn't we just have torrential rains, flooding streams, flooded basements? I thought we were finished with that for a while. Apparently not.

This morning I awoke to this:

In other words, the Punsit Creek has again come out of its banks and is flooding. So down stream there will once again be flooding (if there isn't already). And once again, there will be closed bridges and roads.

And a quick trip to the basement reveals that in the race between the sump pump and the seeping water, the sump pump is about even. About. It will catch up, one hopes, because it is now no longer raining as hard as it was in the wee hours of the morning.

The forecast is rain the rest of today and tomorrow. The flood watch remains in effect until tomorrow.

Conditions across the Hudson River in Greene County, which was devastated by Irene, are probably a lot like those here. This is going to make the recovery harder by again swelling the streams and rivers.

May all be safe. And may all find shelter.

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