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jueves, octubre 27, 2011

So, por favor, go away already, ok?

Rina is outstaying her reservation here. Our friends at NOAA give us this map:

What it says is that TS Rina is hitting the coast of Quintana Roo now, and that when it gets done with this excruciating inundation of rain and wind, it's going to circle around, clockwise, and head back to Belize. It's not going to the US. It's not going out to sea. It's hanging around. Are you kidding me? Can't this thing just go somewhere else? Somewhere else far away? Out to the Atlantic?

I guess not. Latest report from Bahia Soliman: crappy weather, not much happening. Storm surge not too high. Winds not to crazy. Little or no damage (cross fingers). Maybe the storm will be gone enough by tomorrow mid day that there's just stirred up Bay, cloudy ski, and dripping. One can hope.