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lunes, diciembre 12, 2011

Stocking Stuffer

How wonderful it is to launch a complete crapvalanche of commercial crassness!

As my dear friend, Strongbad, would put it, "Stuff alla those stockings with a crapvalanche of zawesome li-ter-a-ture! And buy this here book right now, reader-atis!" Or is that too millennial a reference? Prefer staid public radio to wild Internet animations? You may consider this shameless commerce.

Either way, here's the thing. Apart from pron, the Internet is really a good way to buy things. Everybody knows that. You don't have to go out. You don't have to touch money. You just look it up and type it in and presto chango! our friends at UPS and FedEx deliver it to your doorstep. Pronto! You've been doing this with books, and shoes, and appliances, and everything else for years now. Great. This may be destroying small stores across the nation and turning downtowns in wastelands, but nevermind that for a second. My just released novella Tulum can be handled exactly the same way. Just click and fill in the blanks on the forms and Whomp! There it is. Just like that. Or is that too '90's a reference?

It's like this. The Holidays are rapidly approaching. Every Holiday needs a stocking. And every stocking needs to be stuffed. I think stockings are best stuffed with Tulum, one beautiful soft cover copy per stocking. Don't have stockings? No problem. One beautiful soft cover copy per person.

And I want to make this as easy as I can. Here are the links to get Tulum in soft cover as a stocking stuffer or for any other reason.

Do it now while you can still receive it before the Holidays begin in earnest!

Barnes & Noble

Amazon(where they still don't have a cover foto)

iUniverse(where you can get the eBook in all formats)

And if, like me, you're horrified about the consequences of Internet commerce on retail stores and small towns and villages, and you're lucky enough to have an independent bookstore near you, please by all means go immediately to that bookstore and order Tulum. All of the book distributors can get Tulum for your bookstore. And if your bookstore is really, really special, it can order 5 or 6 copies and put it in the window. Just like that. If you're going the bookstore, just do it soon: this is a process that needs a little lead time.

One final thing. If you buy the book, and you want it autographed or dedicated and signed, I'm happy to do that. All we have to do it figure out the logistics.

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