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lunes, enero 16, 2012

A Book Offer You Can't Refuse

For a very limited time. In other words, until noon on January 20, 2012 Eastern Time, I have a great deal for you! It's one you can't refuse. Here it is:

You buy a copy of Tulum, either soft cover or eBook, and write and post a review of it at the Amazon and Barnes & Noble web sites. I will reimburse you the cost of the book or eBook. There it is. Simple. You buy the book by writing and posting the review.

The ubiquitous fine print: you need to have purchased the book before January 20, 2012 at noon ET and have proof of purchase. And you need to post the review of the book on or before February 20, 2012. The "cost of the book" includes only standard shipping. You do not need to buy the book online. A receipt from a local bookseller is excellent.

I heard that. You said, "But that's not fair. What if I already have a copy of Tulum and I don't have a receipt, what then?" Simple. Post a review of the book by February 20, 2012, explain to me why you don't have a receipt, and I'll give you the deal. I'm a reasonable person.

But remember. This is a deal you cannot refuse. If you don't buy the book by Friday, the deal is off. Finito. Terminado. Let's not think too much about what that might mean.

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