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viernes, febrero 24, 2012

A Scholarship In My Dad's Memory

Melvin L. Michaels (left), May, 2011

My dad, who passed away on February 17, 2012, was a lifetime musician and music lover. He played piano for more than 80 years. And he loved going to concerts and hearing live performances. He was also a gifted teacher and educator.

We've decided to honor himby creating a scholarship in his memory at North Penn High School, in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. My dad served as Director of Secondary Education and later as Assistant Superintendent in North Penn and retired from North Penn in 1987. He lived in Lansdale for many years. The scholarship is called "The Melvin L. Michaels, Ed.D Memorial Music Scholarship". We hope it will be awarded annually. We hope there will be enough financial support that it can continue for a long time and have many beneficiaries.

If you would like to help fund this scholarship so that the initial award may be made in Spring, 2012, please send a donation before March 2, 2012, to:

North Penn High School Senior Awards Fund
attn: Amy Schwartz
1340 S. Valley Forge Road
Landsdale, PA 19446

I am happy my cousins came up with this idea. And I hope my Dad's many colleagues, friends, and students will provide support for it.

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