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domingo, febrero 05, 2012

Take The Stoopid Out Of The Super Bowl. Please.

Yes, this is too short to be a real post. Yes, you probably don't need me to say this because you already know it. And maybe I don't have to say it. But how much can it hurt?

Please do not drink and drive today. Please make arrangements in advance so that you won't drink and drive. Why in advance?

If you go to the party without having made safe plans in advance, like staying home, walking home, public transportation, taxi, designated driver, not using intoxicants AT ALL, the person who decides how you will get home (you) may be intoxicated. And intoxicated people do not make good decisions. Put another way, you don't want to find yourself asking yourself or somebody else who has been drinking, "Am I ok to drive?" That is a foolproof road to a disaster. If you ask that, it's already too late.

I spare you the parade of horrors of what can happen. Let's just say in passing that I'm professionally well acquainted with all of them. And I know I'm going to hear more of them on Monday.

So I ask only this. It's still early. The parties probably haven't started. Please. Please take just a minute and figure out how you are going to get home safe and sound without driving. Then you can relax and responsibly have a good time.

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