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sábado, marzo 23, 2013

Tonight's Visitor

I have a cold. I fell asleep early with the cat. She smelled of tuna.

I was awakened by a ruckus downstairs. I went down to see what was the matter.

I turned on the porch light. There was a huge gray wolf standing there looking at me through the door. And evidently it wanted to come in. So I opened the door.

This turned the cat into a hissing, spitting pincushion. She jumped to the top of the cabinets and screamed feline invectives.

No matter. I don't blame her.I decided to go back to bed. What else could I do?

As I expected, the wolf followed me up the stairs.

I got back in the bed. I told him, ”Please let me sleep. I need to rest and to dream."

Evidently he understood me. He put his huge gray head in my lap and closed his eyes. I put my hands deep in the soft fur under his ears and rubbed. It was thick and very soft. I also stroked him between his eyes at the bridge of his nose. His head was big and heavy, and soon he was sound asleep and breathing slowly.

In the morning he will be hungry. I will be, too. I hope he likes eggs.

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