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miércoles, mayo 04, 2016

If A Blog Falls In The Woods

It's been over a year since I posted anything here. I haven't disappeared.

Instead, I've been posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Do I wish I were producing more writing here? Sometimes. But to be honest, not strongly enough actually to do the writing and post it.

Yes, I'm working on a new novel. It's coming in fits and starts and long intermissions. Maybe it will be finished during 2016. I hope it will.

I see all of this as a logical progression in my Internet activity. First it was mass emails. Then there was my death penalty listserv (Affirm_Life_Absolish_Death_Penalty at Yahoo groups). That dried up a long time ago. Then there was this blog. I haven't posted anything here since early 2015. Then there were the 600 or so hiakus I posted on Facebook and later on Twitter. And the many, many pictures of plants and landscapes (and never people) on Instagram and Facebook.

You can still find me if you want to on any of those platforms. David Seth Michaels on Facebook. @thedavidseth on Twitter, davidsethm on Instagram. Also, there are lots of pictures of Tulum and Bahia Soliman on Facebook pages for Nah Yaxche, Bahia Soliman and Soliman Bay.

I leave this blog here so that if I feel called to write on it, I can.