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sábado, febrero 12, 2011

A Vital Question

Would democracy come easier to Algeria if its name were Alegria? Of course it would. In fact, if its name were Alegria, it wouldn't be in the fix it is now in.

And for the non-Spanish speakers/readers:

feminine noun
1. happiness, joy (gozo) ; joy (motivo de gozo)
con alegría -> happily, joyfully
2. rashness, recklessness (irresponsabilidad)
gastaron el dinero con demasiada alegría -> they spent the money too freely
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Alegría [ah-lay-gree’-ah]
1. Mirth, merriment, exhilaration, gaiety, glee, rejoicing. (f)
Saltar de alegría -> to jump with joy
2. Festivity. (f)
3. Light-someness, 4. (f)
4. Sesamum, oily grain. (Botany) (f)
5. Paste made of sesamum and honey. (f)
noun, plural
6. Rejoicings, public festivals.
Ecstasy, pleasure.
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