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domingo, junio 05, 2011

Diego Maradona Pwns FIFA

Diego Maradona Playing For Your Bloguero's Favorite Team, Boca Juniors, In 1981

(Disclaimer: Your Bloguero has a bit of a bias. (Note: He knows that comes of no surprise if you've been here before). Your Bloguero points out that he is a big fan and admirer of Diego Maradona, and he just loves it that Diego cheated scored the "Hand Of God" Goal against England 25 years ago. Diego Maradona was one of the greatest players ever. On the other hand, your Bloguero dislikes (Note: this is a far milder verb than should be here) Thierry Henry, and thinks his illegal handball against Ireland was an unforgivable disgrace, for which he should have been fined and suspended, and because of which that world cup qualifier between France and Ireland should have been replayed. Do not "tut tut" your Bloguero. Your Bloguero believes what Emerson wrote, that consistency is the hobgobblin of little minds. But, alas, this disclaimer rambles.)

Today Diego Maradona, one of the world's greatest footballers ever, again spoke the truth to power about FIFA, futbol's soccer's idiotic, corrupt ruling body. CNN reports:

Football legend Diego Maradona has accused world governing body FIFA of being corrupt and run by greedy officials who have made millions from the sport.... he reflected on the recent FIFA presidential elections in which incumbent Sepp Blatter ran unopposed.

Blatter's main opponent, Mohamed Bin Hammam of Qatar, was suspended ahead of the vote along with fellow FIFA executive Jack Warner following accusations of bribery.

"There is a lot of corruption involving FIFA officials and they are all millionaires because of football," the former Argentina player and coach said.

"I wonder if Blatter has ever kicked a football in his life, and yet we have been under the control of such people who have refused to give up power in FIFA.

"Why don't they all just relinquish their positions, take the money they have made and leave the running of the sport in the more capable hands of former football players?"

Ai Diego! From your lips to Goddess's ear. Sepp Blatter has been president of FIFA since 1998 and was employed by FIFA for 23 years before that. He has never played the sport. The idea of Blatter kicking a futbol is ludicrous. Even more so the idea of him juggling it. There are, by the way, plenty of people his age, 75, who can still perform those skills. There is also the eternal question of how much Blatter is actually paid. He admits to $1 million, but apparently receives much, much more.

Then Diego Maradona continued:

"I don't support corrupt people and I will never be on their side. I have always been asked by them to support the FIFA family. But what family are they talking about? This sport belongs to us and they have never ever asked us to be part of the development process," the 50-year-old said.

"They have too much power and this has made them so arrogant and proud. This is not what a genuine football lover needs from such officials. After all, football is the biggest sport in the world.

"We will continue doing what we are doing so that these corrupt people go away. They are too old and since they have made so much money at the cost of football, they should simply take it all and go away. Please leave football alone."

Diego Maradona also properly criticized Blatter for his vehement opposition to a players' union.

These are not unusual sentiments. The people who "govern" futbol have profited enormously from the game, and they have refused to move it into the 21st century. They refuse to have goal post cameras so that it can be determined whether a goal was actually scored. They refuse to consider any kind of videotape replay of close plays. This means that in stadiums around the world the fans can see that the official's blew the call, but the officials can do nothing to correct it. They refuse to permit the players to organize a union. There are continual allegations of enormous corruption and bribery within FIFA. The litany goes on and on and on. The world's favorite sport deserves a better governing body. Diego Maradona is right. Blatter and ther other dinosaurs should take their money and leave the game to those who can play it.

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