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jueves, mayo 26, 2011

Ghost Bloggers In The Sky

Blog death. I’m not talking about this Blog. No. This is about another blog, one I liked.

Here’s how it so often goes. There is what will eventually be seen as a last post. And then silence. That last post often isn’t intended as a last post. It most often doesn’t say goodbye, farewell, or that it’s the last post. Or that the blog is done. It becomes a last post when entropy takes over and whoever is running the blog walks away from the keyboard and never comes back. Then the last post just sits there stupidly. For years. In fact, it might sit there forever, until someone somewhere deletes it from whatever computers it might occupy.

A hundred years from now there will probably be blogs on the Internet that haven’t had a new entry since May 21, 2011. No one then alive in 2111 will have the passwords needed to post a new essay on the blog or to delete whatever is already there. It’s doubtful that any of the search engines will still find it unless Son of Google has Blog History Search (Year 2000 To Year 2025) set up. Regardless, the blog may still exist, in the sense that you could look at today’s final post if you knew the URL, but you wouldn’t otherwise be able easily to find it. “Look, Mabel,” you can hear somebody wearing a Jetson’s outfit shout (Note to Cynical Readers: Mabel may well be a stylish name again by 2111 and the Jetsons will be more important than Sarah Palin), “Look what I found. It’s a blog from 2011, a hundred years ago, and it has lots of dead links in it, but it also has a video of that old poet, Bob Dylan, talking about dogs running free. Amazing.” But I digress.

I am saddened today that Writing In The Raw is apparently on hiatus, if it has not now sighed it's last breath. The last post on the front page is from a week ago, and it’s a digest about The Dream Antilles. I liked this blog and I had high hopes for it. I don’t know what happened to it. But it appears to be on its journey into the vast silence of the Internet. If that is the case, I will help by deleting my last post after a while. I still have the passwords to do that.

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