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sábado, mayo 21, 2011


Graffiti in Palermo, Buenos Aires, November, 2010

How very wonderful. Today I found Julio Cortzar's story, Graffiti. What a masterful short story. It's a love story of sorts. I will not spoil it. It's about drawing graffiti on the walls of Buenos Aires during the military government, and the government's effort to suppress that form of expression. That's all I'll tell here. Except that it is a wonderful story, which was made into a short movie in 2005 by Pako Gonzalez.

I've raved about Cortazar here before, and in fact, in 2006, I posted this, which bears repetition here. It's a blurb written by Pablo Neruda which I at the time pronounced the world's greatest blurb. I still stand by that assessment. It's about Cortazar:

Anyone who doesn't read Cortazar is doomed. Not to read him is a serious invisible disease which in time can have terrible consequences. Something similar to a man who has never tasted peaches. He would quietly become sadder... and, probably, little by little, he would lose his hair."

Graffiti is a story worth this kind of hype. Do not miss reading it.

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