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lunes, junio 06, 2011

Weiner: Make Me One With Everything

What a colossal and disappointing kerfuffle! Anthony Weiner finally admits what was probably obvious to everyone from his numerous, idiotic press appearances, that he sent questionable digital material to others and has done so on a number of occasions. To me, none of that is a very big deal. Stupid, yes. Embarrassing, yes. But not such a huge deal if you're not a complete Puritan.

What pains me most is the other part of today's press conference. Weiner apologized to that arch douchenozzle, Andrew Breitbart, who persecuted Shirley Sharrod and and wraps himself in the First Amendment journalisms fleece while he gorges himself on carrion:

Breitbart appeared at the venue early, approached the microphone and began taking reporters' questions.

Breitbart site publishes photos of shirtless man it claims is Weiner

He said, "This is a continuing attempt to blame the messenger ... I'm being accused of being a hacker." Added Breitbart, "I'm here for some vindication."

According to Breitbart's website, another photo showed Weiner on a couch with two cats nearby. The site said Weiner sent the photo using the account with the subject line "Me and the pussys."

When pressed by reporters at the Monday news conference, Weiner apologized to Breitbart.

Yuck. What a pungent load of ripe barnyard excrement. I knew that Weiner had no judgment before when he tried to claim that his Twitter account was hacked and that he wasn't sure whether it was him in the photo and he was hiring counsel and a detective and cyber-slooths. I could forgive all of that posturing (and lying). But apologizing to Breitbart? That is truly beyond the pale. Breitbart deserves an apology the way you, dear reader, need a Klezmer in your toochis.

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Blogger Claudia R said...

I wonder how a busy legislator has time for shenanigans of this sort on the internet. oh well. Good column David!

10:51 a. m.  

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