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jueves, diciembre 15, 2011

Selling Tulum (the Novella) in Tulum (the Pueblo), How to

The question for today: There is no bookstore in Tulum (the Pueblo), so how can I sell Tulum (the Novella) in Tulum (the Pueblo) where it takes place? I need ideas, suggestions.

I really want to sell this novella in Tulum (the Pueblo) in Mexico. I think people who love Tulum (the Pueblo) will love this book. And also, without giving a spoiler here, since Tulum (the Novella) in a sense begins with selling a story about Tulum (the Pueblo) in Tulum (the Pueblo), it would be really cool if this book could be sold there. And maybe I can even figure out how to sell the novella in the same place the story in the book was sold. I'm thinking about that too. I just love those kinds of repetitions.

So I'm soliciting your ideas.

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