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miércoles, agosto 17, 2005

And The Register Star (Hudson, NY) Too

Taitia Shelow's story (see below) ran in the Hudson Register Star on Sunday, 8/14/05, on page A3. The result: lots of people asking me if I'll sign copies of the book and where can they get them? I get such a kick out of this. I autographed a copy for a Town Court judge on Monday night. I autographed a copy for a friend of a friend today in Hudson. I never imagined while I was enjoying writing this book that anyone would ask me to do such a thing. I thought people read books and then passed them on. I didn't think of this as a collectible.

The book is now available at the new bookstore in Hudson at 440 Warren Street. They have a few copies, and I have some as well (at my office, in my car). And, yes, of course, I'll sign your book no matter where I am when you ask. The book is also available at the book stores in Lenox, Mass, Great Barrington, Mass and Chatham, NY. There may be a copy or two at Crystal Essence in Great Barrington. And of course, you can always gets them at,, and, but the BEST is the local bookstores.

We're talking about book signings in Chatham, Lenox, and Hudson. Those will probably be in September, 2005. Exact dates soon.