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jueves, julio 13, 2006

Know War

An Iraq War Memorial
2544 American Casualties, 7-13-2006

Know War is a not for profit project that aims to help us understand the reality and the impact of war. The first part of this project is seen above, a photograph of what the American death toll looks like.

In addition to the photographic memorial, Know War's mission is to generate an archive of personal testimony and reaction to war. Many of us feel fundamentally disconnected from the reality of combat. Know War aims to create a forum through which to share our experience. We seek firsthand accounts, essays, combat journals, letters home, interviews, photographs, and any of your thoughts regarding war. Please submit emails or Word documents, PDFs, JPEGs or Quicktime attachments to, and specify whether you request anonymity. All submissions will be posted on

To make a donation to Know War, Please send checks to:
Know War
74 South 1st St. Ground Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11211
718 384 6986 phone
646.452.3390 fax

The image above may be seen more clearly at this web site. I notice I'm having trouble looking at the image, want to turn away from it, want to analyze or judge or think about it, want to go on to the next thing. If this happens to you, I suggest trying to breathe consciously and actually looking at photo. It needs to be seen.